Who is AdParlor?

Ads API partner & strategic Preferred Marketing Developer (sPMD)

AdParlor’s experience and insight can optimize your social advertising to obtain the most effective ROI for your business. So whether your goals are to increase awareness, drive application installs, or build award-winning campaigns, AdParlor has the technology, teams and the tools to deliver solutions designed to grow your brand’s footprint, locally and globally.

AdParlor was founded in 2008 and acquired by AdKnowledge in October 2011. We are a group of dedicated and passionate individuals with a diverse set of business, marketing, and technical backgrounds.


We’ve worked hard to perfect the art of developing customized approaches for each and every client. We currently manage over 1 billion impressions per day on Facebook through our proprietary technology, often creating thousands of different ad creatives and targeting combinations to reach your objectives. In addition, real-time bid optimization and robust analytics provide detailed insights on your target audience, allowing you to make smarter business decisions.


Teams A team that manages ROI is an important one, at AdParlor every campaign under our full-service umbrella receives the full attention of a dedicated Account Manager. Our global teams are collaborative and consultative, sharing insights and best practices with you at every stage of the campaign.

A Day in the Life of AdParlor
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AdParlor HeadQuarters - A Day in the Life of AdParlor - Time-lapse Video


Our approach is focused on results, providing flexible pricing and product solutions based on your goals utilizing a variety of Facebook products and features, such as:

  • Open Graph
  • Custom Audiences
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Sponsored Stories
  • Facebook Offers
  • View-Through Tracking
  • Premium Ads
  • Facebook Exchange
Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer
PMD Badge

AdParlor is a Facebook® Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) – earning the Ads Management and Insights qualifications. AdParlor entered the highly selective program with qualifications in two of the four areas:

  • Ads: For the creation, management and reporting of Facebook Ads using proprietary third party tools with boosted functionality that includes advanced ad creation, facilitating campaign management and advanced reporting, as well as other enhancements.
  • Insights: For the development of advanced analysis, benchmarking, KPI tracking and other performance measurement tools, which help companies effectively measure activity and conversation around their brand, reach out to their target audiences, utilize conversion tracking, and much more.

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