Electronics Case Study
LG Canada
Serving the Consumer Electronics market as a leader in Mobile Phones, Home Appliances and Home Electronics – LG Canada geared focus toward Facebook Advertising to acquire a strong, active and loyal social media fan-base.
Raj Patel
Digital Brand Manager
LG Canada
"AdParlor's Facebook ad optimization technology has allowed us to spend more efficiently – ensuring our continual growth on the platform."
LG Facebook Fanpage
LG Page Likes
LG Facebook Ad
LG Facebook Ad
Campaign Objectives:
  • Foster entries to the LG Pop Quiz Competition
  • Showcase and encourage digital interaction with LG's diverse products
  • Deliver targeted fan base: 108,500 unique fans @ $1.75/fan
Key Highlights:
  • Length of campaign: 8 weeks
  • Focus on 30+ demographic ensuring higher purchasing power
  • Advanced Keyword Targeting: Algorithmic discoveries and connections between a) Electronics b) Social Gamers c) Beauty and Fitness
  • 25% lift in conversion rates when using Sponsored Story Ad Units
  • Introduced newly designed creative frequently to combat ad fatigue. On average, 2,500 unique ads created per day.
Campaign Results:
Cost-per-fan Cost Per Fan $1.20
Savings from Original Insertion Order Savings 31%
Extra Fans Gained from AdParlor Savings Extra Fans 56,500
Impressions Impressions 550,000,000
Clicks Clicks 280,000
Fans Fans 165,000