Beauty/Cosmetics Case Study
L'Oréal Paris Canada
Leaning on social media to support the introduction of their new Elnett Hairspray product line- L'Oreal Paris decided to strategically 'Like Gate' their custom landing tab within the overall Facebook page. Coupled with an online giveaway, a campaign was formed to create awareness and buzz, along with increasing the overall Facebook fan-base.
L'Oreal Facebook Page
L'Oreal Page Likes
L'Oreal Facebook Ad
L'Oreal Facebook Ad
Campaign Objectives:
  • Showcase the Elnett Satin product line, consisting of 10 unique hairsprays
  • Encourage entries to the Facebook Elnett give-away competition
  • Reach an older audience (25+) – which the product is more suited toward
  • Deliver targeted fan-base: 44,000 unique fans @ $3.00/fan
Key Highlights:
  • 22% cost savings when using Sponsored Stories over Marketplace Ad Units
  • Advanced Keyword Targeting: Algorithmic discoveries and connections between a) Retail Brands b) Cosmetic Brands c) Popular Celebrities
  • Reached key milestone of 250K fan-base
Campaign Results:
Cost-per-fan Cost Per Fan $2.51
Savings from Original Insertion Order Savings 17%
Extra Fans Gained from AdParlor Savings Extra Fans 8,000
Impressions Impressions 182,000,000
Clicks Clicks 42,400
Fans Fans 52,000