Who Uses Our
Fully Managed Service?

The AdParlor Fully Managed Service is ideal for large performance based advertisers who are looking to spend over $25,000 USD / month on Facebook Advertising.

This Includes:

  • Facebook game developers looking to grow their user base on a Cost-Per-Install basis
  • Facebook page owners looking to grow their fan base on a Cost-Per-Fan basis
  • Local Deal sites, E-commerce sites, External MMO Games, … Any company looking to advertise on Facebook more efficiently and with the latest and greatest products Facebook has to offer.
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Real-Time Optimization

Real-Time Optimizations

ROI and results driven methodology

With access to the Facebook Ads API, AdParlor can create thousands of ads at once using a multitude of creative and targeting combinations.

More importantly, our algorithm will identify things undetectable to the human process – this allows us to dynamically modify bids and buy your Facebook ads more effectively.

How does this work?

To illustrate, an ad with text A and a character image works well when targeted to 25 year old males in New York early afternoon on Sundays. Thus, our algorithm will proactively increase the CPC bid for this ad at that time.

Deeper Reporting Insights

Combining Facebook Ads and Page Insights Data

As brands invest heavily in growing their fan pages, it is essential to monitor the effect the ad buy has on the overall health of the fan page. Are the fans you are paying for generating additional viral fans? Are these fans talking about your brand or simply joining the page?

We have leveraged both the Facebook Ads API and the Page Insights API to allow our advertisers to understand how their dollars are impacting their brand page.

Complete Transparency:

  • New Fan Acquisitions – paid versus earned media
  • Cost Per Fan, Effective CPF and non-paid lift
  • People Talking About This (PTAT)
Facebook Insights Reporting
Define your own CPA

Define your own Cost per Acquisition (CPA) Rate

An ‘Acquisition’ can be whatever you define – and whatever is important to you. For example: As a game developer, an acquisition could be a new player or a player who completes the tutorial. As an e-Commerce site, an acquisition could be an email submit or even a purchase.

You define your acquisition goal as well as the CPA rate you want to pay (by country, age, gender) and we always and only charge you that rate. You can modify the CPA rate you are willing to pay at any time – and this will play a large part in the volume we are able to drive. We offer advice on recommended starting CPA rates.

Robust Client Reporting

Real-Time Reporting in Multiple Formats

  • Access to a login with real-time reporting metrics on all your campaigns.
  • Weekly customized reports detailing campaign & creative performance in your inbox
  • Quarterly account reviews with a focus on building on past success to continue to drive ROI
Robust Reporting via Insights
AdParlor Headquarters in Toronto

Dedicated Account Manager and Creative Support

World Class Account Management

Dedicated account managers follow an "always on" approach by running each campaign 7 days a week. Being experts in the Facebook advertising platform, they will use their skill-set to maximize results based on your campaign goals. AdParlor Account Managers will continuously provide suggestions on ad creative and targeting. In addition, our experienced design team, at no charge, will produce images that work well on Facebook for your campaign upon your approval.