Fully Managed Service

The AdParlor Fully Managed Service is ideal for large performance based advertisers who are looking to spend over $10,000 USD / month on Facebook Advertising. This includes:

  • Facebook game developers looking to grow their user base on a Cost-Per-Install basis
  • Facebook page owners looking to grow their fan base on a Cost-Per-Fan basis
  • Local Deal sites, External MMO Games, Commerce Sites… Any company looking to advertise on a CPA model

Under the fully managed service model, you will have a dedicated account manager handle your ad spend. You define the CPA rate you would like to pay by country, age and gender - and we will handle the Ad creation and optimization while buying from Facebook on a CPC. We will always and only charge you the rate you define while trying to drive as much volume as possible. With an experienced account manager, utilizing some powerful proprietary technology – we are the leaders in fully managed Facebook Advertising – managing over 10 Billion monthly ad impressions and delivering over 4 million acquisitions a month!

Client Reporting Portal
Full Service Client Reporting
Pulse Self‑Serve Tool

The AdParlor Self-Serve Tool is ideal for large advertisers who want the full control and transparency of managing their own advertising, but are looking for much more powerful ad creation and bid optimization capabilities.

Pulse is great for:

  • Facebook Connect enabled niche sites, such as shoe shopping, dating, jobs, and more - all with performance targets
  • Brands and Agencies looking to optimize towards Cost Per Fan (CPF) or Cost Per Action (CPA) Goals
  • Affiliates looking to run offers on Facebook

Some of Pulse’s powerful features include:

  • Extensive keyword suggestions
  • Engagement and Value tracking
  • Optimization towards CPF, CPA or CPC goals
  • Automatic and custom report delivery
  • Robust real time reporting and graphs
  • Access to stock image galleries
  • Fan Page Insights Dashboard and Reporting

We will simply charge you a percentage of total spend on the platform.

Pulse will save you a significant amount of money and time. Create thousands of ads at once, dive deep into detailed analytics and reporting, and take control of your Facebook Advertising.

Pulse Dashboard
Self Serve (Pulse) Dashboard